Our top priority is to keep students and their families safe, while encouraging an engaging art experience for youth in our community.

In preparation for homeschool art program this year, we have developed policies and procedures that will help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The plan outlined below is in alignment with current official health and government recommendations and may change based on these recommendations at anytime.


Masks is optional . Students may take masks breaks.

We will also have extra masks and sanitize station on-site.

Our physical spaces will be set up to make social distancing easy and possible. This includes spread out tables, extra supplies to discourage sharing.

Parents will be asked at check-in if their children have had any symptoms, and children who are sick will be asked to stay home for an amount of time recommended by the health department.

If you missed class due to COVID-19 symptoms, the Homeschool Art program will provide remote boxed activities as an alternative.

Have an honest conversation about your child’s ability to follow COVID safety procedures such as mask-wearing, hand washing, and social distancing.

Plan on symptom monitoring. No risks should be taken when it comes to symptoms. If a child is not feeling well, they will be asked to stay at home. COVID symptoms may vary in both severity and presentation, so it is important to be on the side of caution.